Your First Upload

Uploading and navigating your Sorter dashboard is easy. In the video below we will show you how to upload your first list and analyze your customer's personality breakdown.


First, organize your e-mail list into a CSV file making sure the e-mail addresses are in an 'email' column. 

You will be prompted after you create your account to upload your first list, but you can also click 'New List' to upload additional lists. 

When prompted, select the CSV file you would like to upload for processing. 

Sorter will begin processing your list and provide matches for anyone we already have in our system. For the remaining people on the list we will then begin acquiring data on them to make a prediction. Talk with your account manager to get an understanding of expected turnaround time. 

Once the list is processed you will see a personality breakdown of your overall audience on your main dashboard.

You can then click into any of your uploaded lists to get individualized personality breakdowns for the specific list, see more information on each user, and download/export your sorted personality segments for use in your marketing execution tools such as E-Mail or Facebook.