Neuromarketing Creative Briefs

Neuro-Powered Creative Briefs: 

Creative briefs without the guesswork

Our creative briefs will feature fairly-consistent recommendations regardless of the campaign due to the intertwined nature of omnichannel marketing. That isnโ€™t to say your channel specific, or asset specific briefs will all be generalized- quite the opposite.

While some elements will come and go depending on the campaign. The goal is to give a much more informed look at what needs to be created. The best creativity comes through constraints. Challenge your thinking.

Our creative briefs are intended to minimize the amount of guessing and doubt required. Instead, your team should feel inspired and ready to execute.

You can expect a creative brief to include recommendations on most of the following. If your creative brief doesnโ€™t include any of the following, you can expect to receive guidance on it from your Sorter advisory team:

  • Purpose + Goals

    • KPIs

    • Desired outcomes of the campaign

  • Optionality Optimized Journies

    • Active channels

    • Passive channels

    • Potential pathways

      • Desired pathways

      • Undesired pathways

  • Target audience description

    • Personality

    • Demographics

    • Needs

    • Behaviors

  • Copy recommendations

    • Tone

    • Active vs. passive notes

    • Emotionality

    • Subject focus

  • Brand value recommendations

    • Prioritizing your values for effective targeting

  • Creative recommendations

    • Contents

    • Coloring

    • Texture

    • Brightness

  • CTA recommendations

    • Contents and coloring

    • Direction and destination

  • Emotional recommendations

    • Desired emotional response

    • Emotional trigger recommendations

  • Cognitive recommendations

    • Desired perception

      • This is a combination of the blend of emotional response and individuals expected cognitive biases

    • Cognitive staging recommendations