Campaign Optimization During Onboarding

We should treat campaigns like a science experiment:
Hypothesis --> Test --> Learn --> Repeat

Our campaign optimization efforts aren't too dissimilar from standard agile practices. The main difference is that we're informing our adjustments based on our understanding of academic research. 

It's important to avoid a set it and forget it mentality with digital marketing campaigns. We should treat every campaign as a science experiment.

What are we testing and what do we expect to learn? Each week during the onboarding process will have a similar feel because we're running campaigns under a similar scientific structure.

Each week, you should come into our advisory sessions ready to comb through the past week's learnings, make judgments, determine adjustments, and set a new hypothesis for the next week to go test. Within weekly check-ins we will learn and adjust from asking the following types of questions:

  • What did we do last week?
  • How did it perform?
  • How are we performing relative to our larger strategic goals?
  • What did we learn?
  • How do we need to respond?
  • What needs to happen in this next week?
  • Who is responsible for those items?

These are the types of questions that when asked on a weekly basis ensure you're not blindsided 60 days down the road by results. It ensures you're committed to the success of the program, and that you learn how to implement neuromarketing most effectively.