How Neuromarketing Impacts CTAs

At the intersection of creative and copy are your calls to actions. How does Neuromarketing impact this critical conversion tool?

It's simple. We pull from both elements. For a CTA, we're typically not using creative elements beyond color (the hue, brightness, and saturation). The copy needs to be more curt but the same rules apply.

Regardless of your form of content, your digital business relies on conversions. The conversion relies on the ask.

You spend hours tuning your product descriptions or blog posts. They are beautifully crafted and lay out the perfect argument for why your product or solution is best suited. A prospect gets to the end and what? It's time to reap the reward of your work. It's time to close, or at least move someone closer to a sale.

Without your calls-to-action, your digital properties lack "the ask".

How you craft the ask matters. Just like how you craft your landing page or email campaign. The ask is the portal to the next step.

Tuning your colors

Your creative for a CTA is limited by the space of the button. The color of that button is what is going to draw people in and hold their gaze.

Generally, you will want to favor more saturated colors within your calls to action. As you look at you different Sorter Segments use the following as a color guide:

Movers: Bright deeply saturated reds

Motivators: Bright rich colors. You can use red, but also feel free to play with blues and blacks. This group isn't going to be thrown off by something far out there, but keep it within brand standards.

Collaborators: Warm colors work well when discussing more human-oriented topics. If you're talking about something more task related, switch to a cooler hue.

Thinkers: Rich blues and dark reds will be effective here. 

Tuning your copy

You're limited regarding copy in a CTA. Everything you write is a short command. So, how do you speak to the needs of our different segments knowing there are different prompts that will work better than others?

Generally, you will need to ensure everything remains within the context of the content and the ask you are making. Add to cart is one of those things people have been trained to know. The real shifts are on the subject of the ask and the level of command behind it. You can dive deeper within the copy section of our knowledge base, but learning more is a much more passive request than to buy now, but both are very task oriented. Below are some examples of how you could think through a CTA:

"Buy Now"
"Get Started"
"Free trial"
"Let's go"

"Let's go"

"Join the movement"
"Let's get started"

"Join Now"


"Join the Family"

"Join Risk-Free"
"Check out Our Reviews"

"Join Us"


"Learn more"
"Explore how"
"See Reviews"
"Learn Why"

These are just examples, and as we work with you to implement this into your campaign strategy, you will start to put these into practice much more naturally. The goal of this piece is to just start to give you a framework for how this can be applied.