How Neuromarketing Impacts CTAs

An overview of how neuromarketing can help you create compelling calls to action that speak to the subconcious mind. Increase conversions by speaking to the mind of your customer.

How Neuromarketing Impacts Campaign Design

How to build campaigns with the cognitive needs of different Sorter Segments in mind. This enables the right experience for the mind of the customer.

How Neuromarketing Impacts Messaging

This is an overview of how you should adjust your messaging and copy according to some guiding principals of neuromarketing and personality science. You will learn to create messaging that meets the cognitive and emotional needs of your customers.

How Neuromarketing Impacts Creative

An overview of how neuromarketing can guide the creation and selection of subconciously resonant imagery for your next campaign.

How Neuromarketing Impacts Cadence

Timing is everything for a digital marketer. Whether you're cadencing an email campaign or an ad campaign, learn how neuromarketing can inform your timing.

Why Neuromarketing?

A quick debrief on how we came to find Neuromarketing, and why it's the secret to truly knowing your customers.

Mapping the Brain

learn how to leverage neuromarketing and the different parts of the brain for your next personality inspired or neuroscience based digital marketing campaign